What types of transactions does OneSource by PCS finance?

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The Company finances residential and commercial properties for business purposes: including financing for fix and flip residential properties, acquisition and/or rehabilitation of both residential and commercial properties, construction loans and bridge loans secured by residential or commercial properties, note purchases secured by residential [...]

What is the process of applying for and securing a loan?

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Borrowers begin by completing the Company’s online “Quick App” through our secure website to obtain a preliminary term sheet.  Thereafter, Borrowers are prompted to deliver required documentation to the Company to support the processing/underwriting/approval processes.  Borrowers are provided website access [...]

When does a Borrower receive a final Note Rate?

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Borrowers obtain a preliminary approval and a preliminary rate quote upon completing the “Quick-App” form on the Company’s website.  Once the Borrower’s document submittal has been reviewed by the Company’s underwriting department, a final approval and final rate will be [...]

Do you require a full appraisal?

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The answer depends on type of property, the loan to value ratio and our experience with the Borrower.  Generally, the will rely instead on in-house due diligence, area research, and value opinions from local real estate brokers for all fix [...]

How many points do you charge?

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The Company typically charges loan origination fees which range from 1.5% to 3.0%.  Occasionally we have charged origination fees either below or above of this typical range, usually because a loan request is meaningfully more or less challenging than average.