What is OneSource by PCS?2017-06-12T14:22:40-07:00

OneSource by PCS (the “Company”) is a password-protected online platform that provides accredited and institutional investors with the opportunity to invest in real estate-based loans acquired by the Company.  The Company issues unsecured notes (“Notes”) to investors that provide them the opportunity to participate in income generated by the Company’s portfolio of loan investments, as well as the Company’s more targeted Notes that permit investors to select individual loans held by the Company for investment.  The Company provides online access to investors, so that investment statements, performance information and underwriting materials are available for inspection.  While no investment of this nature is free of risk, the Company seeks to minimize risk to its investors through its conservative underwriting standards, its experienced management’s oversight, and its consistent equity contribution requirements in connection with its loans (essentially, willingness by the manager of the Company or its broker affiliates to invest in or credit enhance loans with loan to value ratios exceeding certain thresholds, and have its capital at risk before Note investor capital is at risk).

What types of transactions does OneSource by PCS finance?2017-11-01T21:40:37-07:00

The Company finances residential and commercial properties for business purposes: including financing for fix and flip residential properties, acquisition and/or rehabilitation of both residential and commercial properties, construction loans and bridge loans secured by residential or commercial properties, note purchases secured by residential or commercial properties, real estate secured lines of credit, and financing for qualifying build-to-suit opportunities.

What is the process of applying for and securing a loan?2016-11-16T00:19:21-08:00

Borrowers begin by completing the Company’s online “Quick App” through our secure website to obtain a preliminary term sheet.  Thereafter, Borrowers are prompted to deliver required documentation to the Company to support the processing/underwriting/approval processes.  Borrowers are provided website access to the Company’s “Borrower Dashboard” enabling them to follow the progress of their transaction from start to finish.   OneSource by PCS can typically fund a loan in 7-10 days, upon receipt of a completed processing package from the Borrower.

Does OneSource by PCS offer consumer financing?2017-11-01T21:42:29-07:00

No.  OneSource by PCS only makes real estate loans for business purposes.

What information/documentation do you need from a Borrower to approve and close a loan?2017-11-01T21:44:36-07:00

OneSource by PCS seeks to make the process as simple as possible.  Our documentation requirements are explained in our website and designed to allow for electronic uploading by our Borrowers on the Loan Dashboard – there’s no need for Borrowers to copy paper or send mail packages in our system, although we will accommodate our Borrower preferences whenever possible.

When does a Borrower receive a final Note Rate?2015-10-09T10:28:22-07:00

Borrowers obtain a preliminary approval and a preliminary rate quote upon completing the “Quick-App” form on the Company’s website.  Once the Borrower’s document submittal has been reviewed by the Company’s underwriting department, a final approval and final rate will be issued.  OneSource by PCS seeks to honor original loan size and pricing quotes and is typically able to do so when processing and underwriting documentation validates initial information submitted.

Do Borrowers have to wait for outside investor or bank approvals?2017-11-01T21:46:14-07:00

No.  OneSource by PCS is the lender.  It is our money and once we say yes, we fund the deal.

What states do you currently lend in?2017-11-01T21:47:13-07:00

Western United States with an emphasis on California.  Other states considered on case by case basis.

How long has OneSource by PCS been in business? I need a trusted lender that will fund.2017-11-01T21:48:28-07:00

One Source was created in 2015, but it builds upon the record of its manager, PCS, Inc., which was created in 2009.  PCS has funded more than $1 billion of commercial real estate loans similar to those funded by One Source, with no foreclosures, and the ownership of One Source and PCS are the same.  Our leadership includes experienced real estate professionals with significant experience as builders, developers, property managers, commercial property lenders and private money lenders.  The Company and its principals understand the needs of Borrowers seeking fast and reliable financing solutions.  We bring a balanced approach to our lending business, and have built the One Source platform around the latest technologies in order to simplify and expedite loan origination and approval processes for our Borrowers.

Do you require a full appraisal?2017-11-01T21:50:04-07:00

The answer depends on type of property, the loan