OneSource by PCS (the “Company”) is a password-protected online platform that provides accredited and institutional investors with the opportunity to invest in real estate-based loans acquired by the Company.  The Company issues unsecured notes (“Notes”) to investors that provide them the opportunity to participate in income generated by the Company’s portfolio of loan investments, as well as the Company’s more targeted Notes that permit investors to select individual loans held by the Company for investment.  The Company provides online access to investors, so that investment statements, performance information and underwriting materials are available for inspection.  While no investment of this nature is free of risk, the Company seeks to minimize risk to its investors through its conservative underwriting standards, its experienced management’s oversight, and its consistent equity contribution requirements in connection with its loans (essentially, willingness by the manager of the Company or its broker affiliates to invest in or credit enhance loans with loan to value ratios exceeding certain thresholds, and have its capital at risk before Note investor capital is at risk).